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6th July: Midsummer Bash on Hawes Community field

The Midsummer event of the year: Six great bands, starting at 5:30 pm and performing until 1 am. The Midsummer Bash ist back in 2013 and is held on Hawes Community field. Save the dat: 6th July 2013! It will be a great midsummer party in the UK, so don’t miss it.


The Anything Goes Orchestra


The Anything Goes Orchestra are a Ukulele based band playing classic jazz, swing, pop and punk songs for your enjoyment – nothing is sacred. From the humble little ukuleles to the double bass, washboard, kazoo and children’s drum kit – the small instruments combine and layer to create a big band sound.

Hannah Lamb


Prior to 2013, Hannah has been a regular at open mike spots in her home town of Rothbury in Northumberland, but her sublime vocal style, together with a stunning talent for reinterpretations and mash-ups has led to a string of summer festival appearances throughout the region. Hannah plays a mix of contemporary and classic songs in her own distinct style.



Sugartown are a song writing partnership made up of Rebecca Reynard and Wayne Lawson. They began collaborating together in late 2010. Tim Crowley-Lead guitar. Phil Mortimer-Keyboards Sue Crowley-Bass guitar. Tom Bird- Drums and percussion. Sarah Sykes-violin and backing vocals.

Citizen Smith


Citizen Smith will rock you with covers by Primal Scream, The Wonderstuff, James, The Zutons, Super Grass, R.E.M. Kings of Leon Oasis, Foo Fighters and more.



Former Riot members Alan on vocals, John on keyboards and Rob on drums with the addition of the new bass player Jeff play classic blistering rock, including Bon Jovi, Whitesnake, Journey, Rainbow and Van Halen.

Headliner: Exploding Buddhas


The Exploding Buddhas headlined the very first Bash in 2003 and return this year to celebrate the band’s 20th anniversary. The Buddhas play songs from the Pistols and the Clash and take in the best of the next three decades, including The Jam, Blondie, Oasis, Green Day and Foo Fighters.” Mick Holding guitar and vocals, Tom Rattigan drums, Dickie Diamond bass and vocals, Marl Alenius guitar, keyboard and vocals, Jools Simpson vocals.

The Midsummer Blog is online

Good news: The Midsummer Blog ist online now! Here you can read about the best time in the year – the midsummer time! So take a look around my new postings and find out what’s going on in the UK during the midsummer.