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Firefox Browser UK-Edition

A good browser is not only during midsummer a must have. The Firefox browser from Mozilla is one of the best web browsers in the world. It’s a free and safe software to surf through the internet.

Firefox could be downloaded here:

It’s me: Doreen Brian

Recently I met an interesting person at a midsummer party in London: Doreen Brian. A typical British girl. And there is a cool new Ace of Base song, which mentions Doreen. Check it out.

Doreen, Do-Do-Doreen
That somber midsummer day
Doreen, Do-Do-Doreen

What wouldn’t I give to resume our last goodbye?
I can’t describe it
We met by chance here in Central Park
But where I can’t remember

Give me a moment
Give me peace at heart
I’m thinking back
And I’m so sorry
I didn’t expect
Such a fast depart
Together again
I didn’t worry

Doreen, Do-Do-Doreen
That somber midsummer day
Doreen, Do-Do-Doreen
Don’t fade away

Illumination at Hoxton Gallery

There is a modern illumination art of the summer solstice from a design studio and a photographer based in London. There are beautiful light sculptures and photographic prints, which are inspired by the geometry of light. Here are some samples of the artwork which could be seen at the Hoxton Gallery until 27th June.

Midsummer Lights

Summer Solstice Artwork

Midsummer Night at Stonehenge

The celebration of the summer solstice is one of the oldest traditions in the world. For Midsummer thousands visitors are expected Stonehenge in southern England. The police want to proceed with a zero-tolerance policy against debauchery.

Tens of thousands want the ancient festival of the summer solstice celebrations at the weekend in the South of England place of worship Stonehenge: the longest day of the year and also first day of summer. The ancient pagan festival on the summer solstice is still celebrated in numerous cultures. The solstice is the moment at which the sun every day another piece appears lower on the horizon, and this year falls on early Sunday morning. Especially in Scandinavian countries the summer is welcomed with lights and bonfires – because the further north, the shorter is the night of the longest day of the year.

Accordingly, the Midsummer celebrations at Stonehenge will last until dawn. Because the weather forecasts are good and the solstice falls on a weekend, more than 30,000 people are expected. Now make the English police and the conservation organization English Heritage ready for the record-breaking number of visitors in the prehistoric stone circle.

British newspapers report a large-scale police operation with unmanned surveillance drones, drug dogs and horses, which starts at Stonehenge this Saturday.

The local police Wiltshire had announced its intention to prevent “anti-social behavior” from the outset. The police presence at the event is based on operations as they would be held in major cities around on Saturday night. Announced a “zero tolerance” approach-the use of line especially for drunkenness and drugs.

The Stonehenge site manager of English Heritage had previously published a guide to etiquette rules to make unnecessary police intervention. Thus, the amount of alcohol per person on four half-liter cans of beer or a bottle of wine or cider is limited. And illegal drugs are like everywhere else illegal at Stonehenge.

Private parties or unannounced dance events in the area are also undesirable, as was to be found in the Guide and also alerts the police. Some “peace-loving druids” told the British newspaper The Guardian that they wanted to stay away for fear of escalating the festivities.

Summer in London

Must remain in London to spend the summer is not a dream. Whether you brush up on your language skills or just want to shop: There are many cool holiday deals for you. London can be a delight in any weather. You can St. Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Abby visit or take a stroll through Hyde Park and shopping at Harrods later. And at the Midsummer London is one of the most beautiful cities in Great Britain.

Astronomical Basics of the Solstice

The exact definition is: The summer solstices are the times in which the apparent geocentric ecliptic longitude of the Sun is 90° or 270°. “Apparently” means taking account of nutation and aberration. “Geocentric” means seen by a fictitious observer at the center of the Earth. The definition is independent of the location of a real observer, hence the solstices occur at the same time a world (but different depending on the local time zone corresponds times).

Summer Solstice

The two time points fall within a few minutes with those times together where the sun its greatest northern or southern declination – about 23° 26′ 20″ – and thus reaches its northernmost or southernmost position in the celestial sphere, the small time difference results from the fact that it really is the center of mass of the earth / moon system, which evenly in the “Earth” ground plane (ecliptic) moves around the sun, while the earth itself orbits this center of gravity and is usually slightly above or below this level is located. Geozentrum as seen from the sun, therefore, does not exactly on the ecliptic (ecliptic latitude she has a non-zero). happens to you for a reason not exactly the northernmost or southernmost point of the ecliptic, on the other performs its variable ecliptic latitude to that the maximum declination is generally not accepted exactly the solstice points.

The Google Midsummer Doodle

Today is midsummer an Google is focusing on this date twice. Yesterday I posted, that Google is doing an online theatre called A Midsummer Night’s Dream, which is quite awesome. And now Google is doing even more for the midsummer.

Google Midsummer Doodle

Today is the 21st June and Google is spending a Doodle for the midsummer time. Some cool guys takes a bath and have fun in the refreshing water. Very nice!

The Magic Nature at Summer Solstice

Previously it was believed that nature is magical in the midsummer eve (the night between Friday and Saturday). Dancing elves and trolls were behind the trees. Moreover, it was said that the morning dew could heal sick animals and humans. Therefore, we collected some dew in a bottle. This was also used for baking, the bread and buns which were large and delicious, it was believed. Similar is also still practiced in Lithafest, which has no relation to the UK.

Seven Flowers: Unmarried girls to pick at night seven varieties of wild flowers of seven different fields, which they then put under her pillow. Then they should according to the legend of the dream, she will marry someday. But you must be absolutely still while picking and the next day she must not tell anyone, from whom they have dreamed, otherwise the dream will not come true.

A Midsummer Night’s Dream with Google

The Royal Shakespeare Company (RSC) has started a projekt together with Google to create a digital theatre “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” which will be held over the midsummer weekend of 21 to 24 June.

This is a really interesting event for the midsummer time. So save the date to view this theatre project!

Special Midsummer Food and Drink

At midsummer the first young potatoes are a good meal. They are served with herring, sour cream, chives, crisp bread and cheese. Many take while eating one or more nubbe called brandy glasses to him and singing a drinking song like the below, which is about the liquor either to drink at hazardous or get none at all. But it is also oil-drunk (beer) to do so. For dessert: Fresh Swedish strawberries with cream. That is delicious in the UK, too.